This last year the Sword n Rose has helped many
people in many different states find homes for their
horses, and goats and other small animals.
Although we do not make a public show of these
success stories, we would like you to know, we are
here for you and will help you in any way we can to
make sure you find a lovable and suitable home for
your pet.
We understand how hard it is to admit that you can
not afford to keep your horse and that is why we

We have helped the Humane Society with cases,
where they had to remove the animals, although our
laws NEED to be changed to make the process
move along more quickly so animals do not need to
die to show the urgency of the situation.
(See article)
Success Stories
A man of kindness, to his beast is kind.
But, brutal actions, show a brutal mind:
Remember, He who made thee, made the
Who gave thee speech and reason, formed
him mute;
He can't complain, but God's omniscient eye
Beholds thy cruelty - He hears his cry!
He was designed thy servant; not thy drudge,
But know - That his Creator is thy judge.

Unknown author from The Ladies' Equestrian
Guide, 1857
This is Ginger's 2 week picture -
Wait for an updated picture.
Ginger looks Great now!
After the vet looked Ginger over
she is to late for an operation, but
she is able to be put out on grass
and has a friend, Ruby whom we
are trying to get to walk with her.
Willie was given to us like this. We actually
found his real owner and he was given
back to her, he looked better than this but
he was still skinny. After 4 months and
happy back at home, Willie past away.
Thank God  Willie went home to his rightful
owner before his passing. HE WAS LOVED
Happy horses and happy
Eli and Peanut - He wants to be a
cowboy. He loves his new pony.

To the left- Miranda and Madison
with Joey and Ana. She is showing
and winning and we're proud of

Since the
owner never
forward - we
found a
home for Bo.
Molly and Pepper - A Morgan and a
POA appaloosa were adopted this
summer. Pepper is a trick pony, in
this picture
Rex, Pepper and Molly have been
adopted and have a great home .
They seem to be having a great
time with the Dexter family.
TO KRISTINE. Harmony has
come along way from being 500
lbs.  to now over 1200
go to a loving home that
has children that are
fascinated by the goats
and chicks.
Dansk was given to someone that can use
him more than we can. If it wasn't for their
unprofessionalism I would mention their
name. Good luck Dansk,  I wish you all the

Atlas was also adopted. We are expecting
updates on his well being, as per contract.