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About the Staff
Paul's foot compared to Jess's.
There are three people that has worked with animals and dedicated their lives for the welfare of all
kinds of animals. These three people decided to get together and have a horse rescue facility, and
have it expand to other animals when the time was right.

Starting a small horse ranch in Scriba, New York in Oswego County, the ranch grew faster then they
imagined. The threesome then moved to and now own 104 acre ranch in Pulaski, New York. This
ranch used to be a cow ranch, but they turned it over into a three barn horse ranch with  a small training
arena. This took about two years since they work with their daily paychecks and have not started taking
donations. We hope that with this site and mailings we can start improving and help more horses.

Now during the years the accumulated goats, chickens, ducks, and cats and dogs. But the threesome
has not stopped there - they decided to start a 1800 number to help people find rescues in their area if
they see an animal abused.

Here is their history with animals;

Joyce "Jess" Silva - Founder

Joyce used to find homes for puppies that her neighbor's dogs would have. She would go house to
house carrying two puppies in her small arms, most often for hours on end. She would be welcomed
into the homes of the adoptive families where she would ask questions to make sure the puppy was
not alone all day and she made sure their was a backyard that was fenced for the puppy to play in. Her
parents would not let her have a dog of her own, so she would walk and play with her neighbors dogs.
She also had a job of taking care of their dogs while they went on vacation. On weekends she would  
work at the local riding stable.

When their wasn't puppies to help find homes for she used to collect for the World Wildlife Foundation
and Save the Whales. She then went to school for Large and small animal care and worked the
weekends and summers at a horse stable known as the Bethpage Riding Academy in Bethpage,
Long Island. She started working at Caumsett Park in Llyod Harbor. This is where Joyce learned team
penning and barrel racing by her boss's horse Rocky.

Joyce has a long list of completed courses that she has taken over the years from zoology to computer
repair, and is currently trying to complete her criminal justice classes, but with a broken back and a
crushed spinal cord she is finding it more and more difficult, her good days are far apart. This has not
killed her determination to continue to help animals, and the horses from being slaughtered.

Christine "Cat" McCormic notice there is no "K" at the end.
Vice President Special Projects Coordinator

Chris, whom we call Cat here at the ranch, had horses growing up. While riding she had a terrible
accident that left her in fear of getting on horses. So she put herself into her studies.
She went to school at  Kiamichia Vo-tech, and became a licensed practical nurse. She worked out
west on various ranches, and jobs inside her profession, but the love and dreams she had of one day
getting in the saddle and being in the ring kept leading her towards horses.

She ended up in Syracuse, New York where she met Paul and they immediately became friends. Paul
was the connection between Joyce and Cat, and they met in 2001.
We all talked and talked about owning a horse ranch one day and decided we could not wait any
longer. So here we were. After hours and hours of talking of horses and Joyce and Cat going out
looking for the perfect horse for Cat, they found one, Popeye.
Popeye became Cat's, and after Joyce's lessons of learning to fall off a horse, and riding correctly . Cat
rode in her first show in 2006 where she won a first, 2nd and 3rd ribbon.
Recently Cat works in Oswego, N.Y.., and here on the ranch taking care of the horses, and dogs.
One day, you might see her in the ring on Popeye, or Easter, remember to give her a big cheer for her
accomplishment of returning to the saddle.

Paul Alexander Ranch Foreman, Comptroller

Paul was raised on a small Arabian ranch in Central P.A. He loved showing his stallion "Santeri" which
became the state champion in halter. He then had to leave the ranch and go to college where he
obtained a B.A. In Marketing Management from Siena College. Paul was very athletic and at 6'3" he
achieved All American stats in football and track. He tried out for professional football with the Chiefs,
Bears, Saints and Falcons only to get taken out with an illegal hit to his knees. After that Paul decided
to stay on the sidelines and started a softball team in Liverpool, N.Y.....

His love for animals, horses in particular  He joined up with Jess and Cat and the Sword n Rose
Rescue Ranch was created. Paul says " "I am the thorn in the Rose" but he is actually the Sword to us


Joyce and Christine aka Jess and Cat has just completed the workshop that
the Humane Society gave in Broome County, Binghamton on July 31, 2012. The
workshop was for Investigating Animal Cruelty in New York. It was a complete
study on the law: Article 26, which pertains to animal cruelty.
Cat and Snickers - this is one of the first
pictures of Snickers. Look at her on the
adoption page how she looks now..
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