Adoption Page
Spitfire - Welsh/ Arabian, great  hunter
pony, jumps well, Spit will be gelded this
Right : Snickers she is a well adjusted mare
whom we used to pony parties.
We could use your help with donations, or coming by to give one of these
loving horses some EXTRA Attention, they love to be with people now and WE
need your help.
We have new horses coming this week and also
have horses on hold at their owners homes. If you do not see the
horses here- ask!
Silent Thunder - black Paint Hunter
pony. He is 13 hands. He is under
saddle and is doing everything
asked. What a wonderful pony!
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Atlas is up for adoption - He has been driven
but never ridden. He is a gentle giant and
loves to be groomed and handled. He is being
considered for adoption.
Dansk is for experienced
riders only and is for
lease only. He is a 4-H
project horse and will
retire here on the ranch,
because I promised his
former owner he would
never leave.
This is the Stallion barn. We have three
stallions. Arabians, Polish, Egyptian and
one Arab/Appy
Tootsie. Viewed
on Home page
An Arabian will take care of its
owner as no other horse will, for
it has not only been raised to
physical perfection, but has been
instilled with a spirit of loyalty
unparalleled by that of any other
Somewhere in the inhospitable
deserts of the Middle East,
centuries ago, a breed of horse
came into being that would
influence the equine world
beyond all imagination. In the
sweet grass oasis along the
Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in
the countries that are now
known as Syria, Iraq, and Iran,
and in other parts of the Arabia
peninsula, this hearty horse
developed and would soon be
known as the Arabian horse
Brandi, Welsh cob-
Needs a forever home.
Adopted - Molly and
This is Thor. We are deciding whether to
put him up for adoption. Paul and Thor
seemed to have clicked. He is a Mustang
and enjoys hanging out all over the ranch.
Left to Right: Tanga,
Misty,Dansk, and Freska
There are more adoptions from other
rescues that we are helping to adopt their