In Loving Memory of......
Popeye died on February 23, 2011, he was 12 years old. When we bought Popeye, he had an eye infection, so we
thought. It ended up being cancer. We did not have to think about getting help for him, we just did it. He went
to the Ledgewood Equine Hospital and had his eye removed, and we also had them do additional testing to make
sure all the cancer was gone. They said it was gone.
Popeye helped Catherine "Chris" get over her fear of riding and falling. She had a bad fall that broke her jaw and
she was terrified of riding. Popeye was bought as a therapy horse for her. One day as I was doing paperwork, and
watching Cat riding Pop from my bedroom window, after hours of watching and yelling at Cat to put her heels
down and learn to relax, I saw them click, I stood up and yelled out the window "THAT'S IT, THERE YOU GO!"
and from that day on Cat and Popeye were a match.
Catherine practiced and practiced on Popeye, MEANWHILE, Popeye and I had a conversation about making sure
Cat would be safe, I told him to take care of her, and he nodded and winked with his good eye. They participated
in a horse show, both were a nervous wreck, but they did great taking home a 1st, 3rd and fourth place ribbon.
In Fond Memory
Samson, our 13 year old Rotti, past
away today, August 13,2010, after
having a couple of serious strokes.
She was a sweetie, and loved to
dance with us. She was also a
great (adopted) Aunt to the little
pups that she helped take care of.
Her being spayed she could never
have pups. She treated other pups
as her own. WE will miss you
POPEYE Dies Feb. 23 2011
He was 12 and suffered from cancer that
originally was removed by the Ledgewood
Equine Center, five years earlier.
He was examined by Dr. Dimon and was in
colic, that we were able to pull him through.
On the examination, Dr. Dimon felt tumors in
Pop's nostril canal and in his jawbone.
Popeye died of cancer, that triggered a colic
that Pop made it through. He was alert and
happy that morning and went for a walk came
back in his stall. He collapsed and went into
a seizure and died instantly.
We loved this POA pony very much and he
has many fans here at the ranch. The stories
of Popeye will be posted on his own page
Basically when I can get through this
without crying.
Moon was named from the Harry Nilsson,
Moonbeam (Video). When we received Moon,
he was covered in manure from ear to hoof,
matted to the point that when we were
removing it, it was taking skin. Even with
soaking it, it was painful. He was fed donuts
and bread and was loaded with worms. He was
in pretty bad shape.
With work and love and totally giving him the
attention that he needed, he was able to stop
jumping at a leaves that flew by, or a fly
buzzing by his ear. He liked to hang out with
Tonka and Mugsy. His new friend was Gribbit
and he would stand nose to nose with him for
hours at a time.

Two years ago we received some round bales,
canary hay, our Hay man told us. "Just take
the outside off  and feed them the inside."
The inside is just as poisonous to the horses as
the outside. Canary hay means DEATH FOR
This hay caused three of our horses to have
respiratory infections, with other
complications. It is not easy to heal. In fact,
they will never be healed from it. One horses
is on cortisone, the other is taking
antihistamines. Moon  did not make it. We
were going to put him down in the fall, but we
saw he was not struggling and let him pass
when he was ready. We felt, once again that
was the right move, Moon passed away in his
Dak died in Febuary at age 26, Ti Ti died went to
get him in 2004. Last night, early morning he laid
down, closed his eyes and past away. He was
buried next to his wife, pal, Dak whom both
roamed the 100 acres together. We thought they
would go close together since they were
inseparable. Ti had the run of the ranch after Dak
past and he would love to eat catfood better than
his grain. When he was done grazing he would put
himself away in his stall, turn around and close the
door. He was never without a companion since
Stubbie the cat decided to have a kitten in his stall
when he watched over them and was very careful
not to step on the kitten.
Song Moon was named after --------->
This Wally, a bull mastiff that was
owned by my brother in law. This
was the biggest dog, I ever saw. He
was a sweet heart and died a couple
of years ago. He will always be
missed. My heart goes out to you
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