Meet the Students
Before you think about adopting, how about learning about
them and seeing first if you are compatible with them.
The Sword n Rose let's you do just that. Hang out with them,
brush them and ride them before taking them home.
Sword -n- Rose Rescue Ranch
The Voice for the Voiceless
copyrighted 2003
We are not accepting any new horses at
this  time. We are concentrating on the
ones we have. This page will be dedicated
to the training and process of their
rehabilitation. Check back to see the status
of our new students <horses> and their
These are just a few. We are happy to
say, Tanga, Thor and Thunder are being
ridden.Gribbit has now learned to change
leads and also starts a lope from a
standstill. (This was very hard to get him
to do). We are continuing their work and
going on to a few others. Misty and
Spitty are both under saddle. Thanks to
my new two girls, Klaire and Emma this
has been possible. I will be posting the
videos under the horse's names when I
download them all - to many have been