Services We Provide
We have many services available this summer. One of
our favorites is the pony parties. All monies goes
directly back to the horses. With all our services the
donations go towards the care and maintenance of
the horses.
Adoptions - Most of the horses on
the ranch are for adoption. Please
check out adoption page for details.
Leasing - A variety of horses for
summer lease. Horses range from
beginner to advanced. Ponies also
Educational Day Camp
Lessons - By Kristian 35.00 hour
Pony Parties - on premises
Dak and Tye - I received them at different
times and for different reasons. They are
inseparable. They are both over 20 years
old and have retired here on the ranch. Dak
had a bad injury to her left leg and has
recovered and is running like a 4 year old.
Tye has melanoma but it is in remission
since moving to the new ranch
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