Stallion's at the Rescue
This is Mugsy and Don Quixote, our
lamanche goat. Mugsy was a very hard
stallion to work with at first and now he is one
of my puppy ponies. We have a trainer
working with him and riding him.
Spitfire - We call him Spitty - is a stallion
hunter pony, welsh/arab cross. He is a doll
and has not been bred. He works well with
children and  people who are afraid of
horses can work with him. He is one of our
many horses we can trust not to hurt anyone.
I trained this boy myself.
These pictures of Mugsy when he
was a 2 year old. I am taking
updates of him now, his face has
a beautiful dip and has taken on a
We gelded Tonka and he
is now being trained for
western pleasure riding.